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"In My Garden"

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

In my garden, ⁣

I water ancient acres of infinity,⁣

love fenced in only by rainy skies ⁣

and nocturnal dreamscapes.⁣

A church bell echo⁣

-like a call from Angels⁣

keeps me awake from afar⁣

when I’m so weary of walking ⁣

over the bridge of lights ⁣

with my shadow alone ⁣

and the wind in my heart.⁣

In my garden,⁣

I treasure the air of a remote winter, ⁣

remembrances, reflections of fall,⁣

the majesty of silence,⁣

the unpredictable glides ⁣

of a blue butterfly.⁣

Then the sacred sound of rain ⁣

envelopes all,⁣

blurring joy and clouds ⁣

across translucent hills of time.⁣

And when I gaze at my face, ⁣

I count every single wrinkle ⁣

as bleeding soldiers in a battlefield

poem & photography by Marco Pignataro

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