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“I have rooms in my heart”

“I have rooms in my heart”

I have rooms in my heart

with drafty windows of silence

and beams of light coming in,

tracing the embrace of eternity

and the sobering passing of time.

Somber footsteps echo around each corner,

like damped sounds

of unforgotten heartbeats and wishes.

There is a place in my rooms

for each tear, each dream,

each soul my soul deeply love;

rooms built for each loss and fall,

with wide faded mirrors

and locked doors framed

with longing and hope.

From windy winters

to summer nights,

the past ahead is hiding

into the cracks of walls and drapes,

enveloping in silk

the undying solitude of my spirit.

In chosen rooms,

I fenced a garden of lights

where I lay down

to write words

of remembrance at dawn

and pensive melodies

of gratitude at dusk

for so much love

that heals and hurts.

poem & photography by Marco Pignataro

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