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Musician at his finest


Marco Pignataro at the Dominican Republic Jazz Festival

Italian musician named Marco Pignataro is famous musician from Bologna, Italy. But did you know Italian musician named Marco Pignataro also cofounded the Jazz and Caribbean music department? He was also on the board of the International Association of Jazz Educators. Marco Pignataro has a curiosity for the world and loves to travel to all the beautiful lands of the earth. Loves to share his dream and passion with his fellow people. He enjoys teaching others and helping them to love and do what they are passionate about.

A man of many talents

There is so much more to Marco Pignataro than you may have ever imagined or even known. Pignataro is a man of many talents. He is indeed an Italian musician who is quite gifted and is extraordinary with each performance. He has many more talents too.

Include the following:

masterclass* a composer
* an educator
* a saxophone player
* a director
* a cofounder
* much more

Marco Pignataro is an impressive individual who appears to be more than just passionate about life and the beauty that can be experienced. He is a man who adds emotion, colour and beauty to the world through his passion and glorious music.

Evoking Joy in Many
Marco Pignataro is known for evoking joy through his piercing music. The joy will emerge and naturally blossom. It is his magical and moving performances that foster this. The audience is naturally mesmerised when he performs. His music seems to stir up many other emotions too. Those who enjoy his talents, simply allow their feelings to emerge because defenses simply get dropped as his magic fills the air. He has the ability to evoke untapped joy, laughter and even tears.

A Native of Bologna, Italy
Marco studied classical music and he is a native of Bologna, Italy. He had the opportunity to study at Bruno Maderna Conservatory of Music and the University of Miami in Florida. He has worked closely with many jazz artists and educators. Sofia’s Heart is his latest release.