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About Marco Pignataro

marco-pignataro-picThe Italian musician named Marco Pignataro is the Managing Director of the Berklee Global Jazz Institute. BGJI fosters creativity and musicianship through musical disciplines. Pignaturo, born in Bologna, Italy, studied classical music and jazz at the University of Miami and Florida International University.

 Pignataro is a multi-talented saxophone player, composer, and educator who previously served as the director of the Jazz and Caribbean Music Department and Jazz Saxophone Chair at the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico.

 The Italian musician named Marco Pignataro creates compositions that are personal and evocative, and very accessible in tone and feel. Many are available on Youtube, including Sophia’s Heart, written for his daughter, Sophia, who has Down’s syndrome and has survived numerous heart surgeries.

 Pignataro is available on Facebook and other social media.